Inspiring together

In recent years, a permanent change has been visible and tangible for all. The coronavirus pandemic has not yet been overcome, war has returned to Europe with all its suffering, the summers are brown and the winters green. For many people, the feeling of living in a polycrisis has become stronger.

How can we meet these challenges and how do we respond to them as a society or a company? What can we, as Ramstein, contribute to this? We have come to the conclusion that we want to send a positive and inspiring message to the city. Using the medium we know something about: the poster.

It is ambitious to address current sensitivities in an advertising campaign without appearing arbitrary or grovelling. Psychiatrist and happiness researcher Robert Waldinger believes that happiness is about doing things that are essential to us and being in touch with people that matter to us. This is precisely the premise behind our new campaign. We want to bring different people together and make them visible. To this end, we have slightly modified our previous poster DNA. The focus is not on individuals, but on couples. People who compete with each other and who champion our city with their work. We want to show that we can only develop as a society together and that competition is enriching and inspiring.

However, we asked ourselves, will the people being portrayed participate? Are they willing to smile across the city alongside their competitor on poster pillars? How do we get the editors-in-chief of the two most important newspapers in the region to be photographed for a joint poster? What about award-winning chefs Peter Knogl and Tanja Grandits? Our concerns were completely unfounded. Yes, we were knocking at open doors. Everyone agreed immediately. The result is six posters that we will publish over the course of the year.

The Klybeck area as a recording location

In our 2023 poster campaign, we show the people portrayed on our posters in a clearly urban context rather than in a studio setting, as we have done in the past. In a setting that represents the history, change and transformation of our city: the Klybeck area.

Over the next few decades, apartments for up to 8,500 people and up to 7,500 jobs are to be created in the former industrial area. This is where it will be decided what shape urban development in Basel will take. The images were complex and were taken across the 287,000-square-metre site in six different buildings. The rooms had all been dismantled and sometimes had no electricity. Fortunately, our partners included Swiss Life and Simone Meyer, who were able to solve all our difficulties and needs.

Photos — Flavia Schaub

Hair and Make-up — Regula Zürrer

Location — Klybeq/Swiss Life — Simone Meyer

Art Direction — Dieter Bopp

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