The changeable

Glasses are like magic wands. Abracadabra, they transform us into new people, give us a role play, can define our image. Lara and Timon from our Ramstein team conjure up different personalities out of a hat with outfits from friendly shops in the neighbourhood. This has little to do with magic, but a lot to do with creativity and good design.


SET&SEKT is a concept store with a fine, ever-growing selection of young as well as established designers. Owner Corinne Grüter curates sustainability as a synthesis of contemporary and traditional craftsmanship, with high-quality materials and far from trends. The women's and men's fashion is complemented by a well-composed selection of shoes, carefully selected jewellery and leather goods. Hanging clothes rails, concrete cubes and walls provide a generous display area. The architectural heart of the shop, designed by Andreas Bründler of Buchner Bründler Architekten, is the black spatial body made of painted steel. It serves as a sales area and an inviting coffee bar. It welcomes visitors with a quiet, unpretentious elegance.

Rümelinsplatz 5

Claudia Güdel

Claudia Güdel's ideal of a benevolent and respectful togetherness that keeps the senses open and allows creativity to flow is also reflected in her autonomous designs. Claudia Güdel designs clothes for the daily challenges of men and women. She starts with detail solutions and designs physically with scissors, paper and bust. Darts are made to disappear, seams are transformed into modelling lines and pockets are integrated into the designs as micro-architectures. She usually leaves these unlined so that the structure remains visible. Accordingly, many of the models are reversible. Claudia Güdel is really happy with a design when it strikes the right balance between elegant and casual, when it fits into a chalet as well as a concert hall.

Schnabelgasse 4


Leather is the material from which straps are cut, jewellery and bags are woven and unique pieces are created at Blanche. All patterns and prototypes of the in-house label etmoietmoi are developed here in the Blanche studio shop and some are made directly in the workshop on site. There are also bags made of vegetable-tanned organic leather, refined leather accessories, beautifully shaped shoes and colourful purses. Blanche is also happy to care for and repair worn favourite pieces. Natural care products by Soeder (also available as refills), items by fin-Projects and high-quality shoes by Stefi Talman and Kandahar round off the range. Products with stories that Sabine Lauber and Anita Moser will be happy to tell you about.
to you.

Schneidergasse 27


Feinfracht is an attitude to life. Craftsmanship, experience and the appreciation of materials and details of high-quality workmanship and design. Real things that have a history, that tell stories and inspire. Things that stand the test of time. Become more valuable with time and become a personal story.

Spalenberg 34

Art Direction — Ramstein Optik

Fotos: Flavia Schaub

Hair und Make-up: Regula Zürcher

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