Ramstein Looks 2019

2019 sees numerous stylish looks and favours the brave.

Don’t worry if bigger or more colourful aren’t your thing: there are many reworked classical shapes that are just as stylish!

Bianca — Eiscafé Acéro, Timon — Dreirosen, Uma — Erasmuslädeli, Markus — John Tweed, Murielle — LaurentLaurent, Carlo — Angel Share, Antje — Chemiserie+, Dieter — Dreispitz Campus, Arpasela — Basler Hafen, Andy — Freilager Platz, Lara — Kabar, Beat — Rheingasse, Jana — Luluderia, Michelle — Nomad Design&Lifestyle Hotel,

Photographie — Flavia Schaub

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