General Terms and Conditions


The version of these General Terms and Conditions that was valid when the order was placed applies to the business relationship between the buyer and Ramstein Optik. Amendments, supplements and conflicting terms and conditions require the written consent of Ramstein Optik.


Data protection

We have provided the buyer with comprehensive information pertaining to the nature, scope, location and purpose of the collection, processing and use of the personal data required to execute orders (data processing) (see the data protection information). The buyer expressly agrees to the privacy policy.


Contact lenses

Contact lenses shall only be sold to lens wearers who have already been fitted with contact lenses by a contact lens specialist (an optician or ophthalmologist) and possess a prescription for such lenses. Ramstein Optik defines ‘fitting’ as the customer possessing all significant lens information and the lenses ordered from Ramstein Optik matching the values defined by the contact lens specialist (i.e. the manufacturer, lens type, radius, dioptre, diameter, etc.). In order to wear contact lenses comfortably, the lenses must be in impeccable condition and the wearer must test his or her eyes regularly and select the correct care products as recommended by the specialist. Ramstein Optik recommends annual eye tests.



The vision correction selected by the buyer is considered binding. It cannot be returned. Ramstein Optik accepts no liability for errors in the order or other transmission errors. It is not permitted to cumulatively redeem special bonuses.



By placing the order, the customer confirms that:

• he or she has used contact lenses like the ones he or she is ordering without complaint for at least six months (if placing an order for contact lenses or a contact lens care product)

• he or she has been examined by an ophthalmologist or optician in the last 12 months and no complications have been diagnosed in connection with wearing contact lenses

• should the use of a product lead to a complaint, the customer shall discontinue application or use of the product immediately and have himself or herself examined by a specialist (a physician, pharmacist or optician) without undue delay

• he or she shall read the package insert carefully (also available on the website of the product manufacturer) before using the product and consult a specialist such as a physician, pharmacist or optician if he or she has any questions

• he or she shall not address any complications, complaints, other problems or product liability claims to Ramstein Optik and shall contact the product manufacturer directly and exclusively

• all of the information he or she has provided is truthful.


Product descriptions and images

Ramstein Optik endeavours to match the description of the article as accurately as possible and therefore uses the original information provided by the manufacturer and provider in question and makes no guarantee that it is correct. The customer is always advised to read the specific information on the package insert or the product information on the website of the product manufacturer. The latter takes precedence over the information provided by Ramstein Optik. Product images may deviate. In particular, the customer must always take his or her own eye colour into consideration when viewing images of coloured lenses.


Returns and exchanges

Ramstein Optik accepts returns of unopened and unmarked contact lens and/or contact lens care product packages within 30 days. If contact lens and/or contact lens care product packaging has been opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Shipping costs shall be charged for the newly ordered articles. Opened blister packs (individual lens packaging) cannot be exchanged, and spherical contact lenses cannot be exchanged for toric or multifocal lenses. If the buyer is not satisfied with the services of Ramstein Optik, he or she can address his or her complaint to Ramstein Optik directly:
Ramstein Optik, Contact Lenses, Sattelgasse 4, 4001 Basel, Switzerland, or by phone on +41 (0)61 2615 449. Ramstein Optik shall process the complaint as quickly as possible.


Changes and availability

Ramstein Optik reserves the right to change prices and amend the terms and conditions of orders and delivery. Ramstein Optik strives to keep the image material and detailed information it provides as up to date as possible; nevertheless, changes made by a manufacturer may occur without prior notice. Changes may be made to the range of products at any time. Ramstein Optik strives to deliver the products to the customer within the stated delivery period. Ramstein Optik shall notify the customer if the delivery cannot be made within the delivery period or if the product is no longer available in that form. In such cases, Ramstein Optik reserves the right to cancel an order. The customer is not entitled to compensation if an offered or ordered product cannot be delivered. If a customer orders multiple products and one of them is no longer available, the entire order shall not count as cancelled.


Conclusion of contract

Orders are placed by completing and sending the online order form. Regardless of whether or not an order confirmation has been sent, the contract only comes into existence when the goods are dispatched. Ramstein Optik guarantees that it shall dispatch goods immediately. No liability of any kind is accepted for shipments that are not received.


Shipping within Switzerland

The customer must bear any additional costs resulting from delivery to an incorrect customer address. The carrier is solely responsible for any loss or damage during shipping. The customer must address any claims to the carrier directly. After delivery, the customer himself or herself is liable.


Shipping abroad

Shipping costs to Europe: PostPac Priority CHF 20.00. All prices exclude any customs duties and foreign VAT. The customer must bear any additional costs resulting from delivery to an incorrect customer address. The carrier is solely responsible for any loss or damage during shipping. The customer must address any claims to the carrier directly.


Delivery time

An individual delivery time is specified for each article. Ramstein Optik strives to deliver within the specified delivery times but cannot issue any guarantee to that effect. If an order is placed for articles which have different delivery periods, the articles shall be delivered as one shipment. In urgent cases, partial deliveries can be requested in writing or by phone. In this case, Ramstein Optik reserves the right to charge an additional fee.



The buyer can pay the purchase price by Visa or MasterCard. Orders cannot be placed on account via the online shop.



Obvious defects must be reported to us in writing within two weeks of receipt of the goods. The buyer is obliged to retain the defective goods and return them to the seller by post for inspection in the condition in which they were in when the defect was discovered. The buyer is obliged to fill in the damage claim form for the purposes of further clarification for the manufacturer. Warranty claims may not be filed for obvious defects that have not been reported punctually. If a warranty claim is filed, Ramstein Optik is prepared to deliver a replacement. Ramstein Optik is liable for deliveries of replacements to the same extent as for the original goods. Provider information:

Defective goods are to be returned to:

Ramstein Optik, Contact Lenses, Sattelgasse 4, 4001 Basel, Switzerland