Sheaths and skins – Astrid Eichin

The idea of giving artistic expression to shells and skins goes back to an encounter Astrid Eichin had in Maine (USA), where she lived for some time on a small island. When you look out over the sea, you see buoys marking the places where lobster cages are located. Lobsters are the name of the animals there. Like all shellfish, lobsters have a hard, chalky shell. Astrid Eichin learned from one of the lobster fishermen that the lobsters have to shed this protective shell in order to shed their skin and grow. Growth only takes place during the time when the lobster has a so-called "softshell" - a very soft and vulnerable skin.

This image of shedding one's skin in order to grow - and thus being thin-skinned at times - has accompanied her ever since. It finds its artistic expression in the creation of various shells and skins. For Astrid Eichin, this theme has lost none of its fascination and mystery.


Scenarist: Theo Schäfer

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