These Easter bunnies make a big difference!

Right after last year's Easter season, we ordered a large flock of bunnies from the outstanding woodcarver Lameck Tayengwa in Cape Town. With such an order, we provide the whole family with a secure income for a whole year. And now they are here and populate our windows. Do you like them? By buying a rabbit you could help to support two other projects.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, many artisans in South Africa lost their income because tourism dropped dramatically. With our connections and the help of Margaret Woermann, who knows and supports many artists in Cape Town, we can help many of them survive until the sale of handicrafts to tourists increases again.

Even more necessary this year is again - and still - the help for refugees from Ukraine.  Together with carers, we would like to support war-affected people in the region. Will you help? Make someone happy and support others with an Easter gift?





Scenarist:in: Ann Yuki Bichweiler


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