A moment for cancer sufferers

Roche Pharma Schweiz and Ramstein Optik are two long-standing Basle-based companies with more than 100 years of history.
Together, we are making a commitment to World Cancer Day on
4 February 2020 with a campaign to provide emotional support to cancer sufferers.

You can help, too!

You are cordially invited to express a wish or send a message to cancer sufferers.

We will have your wish designed by calligraphy artist Mo Richner and display it here in our shop window. We will also select ten messages to print as a series of postcards and share with interested parties.

The calligraphies will be available for purchase after World Cancer Day; we will use the profits to support a charitable organisation for cancer sufferers.

Join in and donate a little courage to those affected – with your own personal wish!

Note your wish or message on the card or send one to us Mail.

Would you like to find out more about the Fokus Mensch initiative? The Roche Pharma Schweiz website for patients and relatives offers those affected information on various illnesses and day-to-day assistance.

Visit the Fokus Mensch website and find your message!

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